Americans without insurance live in constant fear of getting injured or sick, having to go to the hospital, and leaving thousands of dollars in debt. Even individuals who are insured face substantive hurdles to finding quality, affordable care and access to a doctor. Healthcare is a basic human right, not a privilege.

We need to:

  • Pass Medicare for All, single-payer healthcare. 55 years ago, we had the courage to establish a way for seniors to get access to care without fear of going into mounting debt. Now it is the time to extend this promise to the millions of other Americans currently living with this fear. Income, wealth, and job status should not dictate whether you can see a doctor. We need to join almost every other developed country in the world and guarantee healthcare to all.

  • Make sure expanding access to mental healthcare is a priority. The trauma our communities face usually goes unchecked. Too often, the topic of mental healthcare is absent from important policy discourse. We need to prioritize it at the federal level.

  • Regulate prescription drug prices. The cost of prescription drugs in this country is far higher than in other countries because for too long, we have allowed greedy companies to overprice drugs people need to live.