We are the solution.

Movements are built together.

They’re built through family, courage, faith, and above all, through community. My idea of representation means working with my community, using our collective resources and the power of Federal support to make the district stronger.

The solutions to our problems are in the minds of those who experience them every day. We cannot let progress falter and our dreams fizzle, no matter how difficult the realities of our everyday might be. This movement is about setting our minds on the district that we deserve, then making it a reality together.

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These values are not only the foundation of my campaign, but the process by which we can build towards solutions right here at home.







Our communities have been fighting for a better future for years. Whether it is to eradicate gun violence or to reinvest in our long-ignored public schools, we, as a community, have the solution.


Meet Robert

Highlights from Robert's first official fundraiser. Take a look at some of the best moments and soundbites of the day.

Robert's original consideration video, featuring some of the bold reasons behind his inspiration to run before he officially announced his candidacy.

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