Press Release - Response To April 6th Mass Shooting In Englewood

At 6:21 PM this evening, a few blocks away from where my family and friends were gathering in our neighborhood of Auburn Gresham, there was a mass shooting in Englewood. At least six individuals, including two children, were shot at a barbecue. Many details have yet to come out.

What we know for certain is this: the lives of children, mothers, fathers, and entire communities were forever changed today. There are families that will never be the same. They and countless others will face unspeakable trauma from this moment until the ends of their lives. Every child in this country deserves to look forward to their summer vacation. Instead, they understand that summer is a threat to their lives.

I am angry. There have not been any news alerts, no national uproar or even the effortless extension of thoughts and prayers. The everyday gun violence that takes place in communities like Englewood and across our district is ignored. We cry out in pain, we yell in anger, we take to the streets, we demand change and investment in our communities, and we are ignored. We are overlooked.

This does not have to be the case. We will not wait idly for our national media to place the same degree of concern on low-income black communities as they do on the rest of our country. Make no mistake: this is a mass shooting. While we are heartbroken, we will not mourn silently; we will continue our work to end gun violence in this country.

For the next 48 hours, all donations our campaign receives will be donated to gun violence prevention organizations in Englewood. Reducing gun violence will not be enough in our communities. We need to end gun violence. Visit to donate.

Robert Emmons