Press Release - Robert Emmons Jr. Campaign Announcement

Chicago, IL [February 2019] - Robert Emmons Jr. of Hyde Park officially filed his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives IL-1 with the FEC on February 20th. Robert will publicly announce his candidacy for IL-1 on Friday, March 1st through a video posted on his Facebook account (Robert Alex Emmons Jr.). The announcement comes in the wake of an op-ed piece released by Robert, detailing incumbent Bobby Rush’s support for Bill Daley’s sweeping criminalization and militarization of black and brown communities. The piece highlighted Rush’s poor relationship with his constituents and a lack of forward progress over his 25 year term.

Robert Emmons Jr. was raised on the South Side in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood. He attended the University of Illinois before working in civic engagement, innovative design, and community leadership. This work included non-profit leadership and consultancy for the Obama Foundation. Robert’s campaign will focus on his proximity to the First District and a commitment to bolstering its pre-existing community resources; primarily those which look to address gun violence at its root causes.

Robert Emmons