Press Release - Response to brown water in a Chicago public school

Chicago, IL [April 2019] - Robert Emmons Jr., candidate for Congress in Illinois’ First Congressional District, released the following statement in response to Wednesday’s ABC7 Chicago video on brown water in a Chicago public school:

This is exactly the sort of blatant environmental injustice that our youth face in our district. We cannot expect to fix the issues of gun violence, public health and medical accessibility when root causes like hazardous drinking water are still not solved. The regions of our country that continue to face issues of violence contain underlying problems pertaining to economic inequities, environmental injustices, and access to clean drinking water. For major improvements to take place in all aspects of our lives, we need to start in the areas that need our attention most. We need to be strategic, we need to be organized and we need to start now.

Our policy platform indicates our priorities towards fixing the root causes of gun violence -- lead pollution being top of the line.

Robert Emmons