Staff Profile: Teah Medellin — Deputy Campaign Treasurer

Teah Medellin is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, majoring in Political Science with a Spanish minor. She is an advocate for individuals with disabilities and dedicated to strategic organization management. She resides in Hyde Park,Chicago. You can follow Teah on Twitter here: @tteahm

How long have you been interested in politics? Do you remember when you first decided you wanted to explore this career path?

I became interested in politics/social justice from a young age. As a child I wanted to advocate for my sister with Down Syndrome. I saw creating legislation to protect her and others with disabilities as a way to do that. My first memory of taking a real interest in politics was in 6th grade. I remember I ran for class president and I tied with my opponent because I voted for him instead of myself. I know it’s politics on a small scale but 10 year old me loved campaigning and the election experience. After this I took a greater interest in social science. I first decided to explore this career path in high school. I realized how much I liked my history classes and I eventually took a government class which solidified politics as not only a passion of mine, but something I excelled in.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with the campaign this summer. What were some things you didn’t expect to learn but did anyways?

When I first joined the campaign I worked on political outreach. At the beginning of the summer there were minimal voter outreach programs. It was such an enriching experience to create the Students for Emmons Group and recruit others like me to join the team. Evelyn and I spent hours reaching out to students, so it was fun to see the manifestation of our hard work. I had an interest in doing call time prior to this campaign but I didn’t expect to get so involved with fundraising. I’ve already learned so much about the logistics of political fundraising from APG & Marley (budget organizing, call time, effective donation strategy, branding, and how to stay on track with fundraising goals). This is knowledge I can use in any field I choose to go into moving forward.

What has been your favorite moment working on the campaign so far?

My favorite moment working on the campaign, was the Gun Violence Prevention Town hall in Beverly. It was the first time I met all of the team members and Robert. I loved hearing Robert and Marie speak on a topic that I feel does not get enough attention. It was also memorable to me because my godmother and godsister surprised me at the event! My godmother was very impressed with Robert and it made me feel so lucky to be a part of something so special.

So we know you’re sticking around through the school year, and we couldn’t be happier to have you, but what’s next after working with Robert? Any big plans?

I’m so excited to continue working during the school year! I’m going into my senior year at Mount Holyoke College and as of now, I’m focused on making the most of it! I hope to have job offers lined up for post grad in politics such as possibly working for an incumbent (Robert), the non-profit sphere, or overseas! The possibilities are endless and I’m enthusiastic about what the future holds.

Robert Emmons